Silvester Diggles’ Sketch Book

Silvester Diggles Self Portrait 1847 - Source: Diggles Family Collection

Naturalist Silvester Diggles' sketchbook of his journey to Australia in 1853.

About the project

Warning. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are advised to use caution in viewing this material, as it may contain images or names of dead persons.

Silvester Diggles, naturalist, artist and musician, arrived in Sydney from England in November 1853. After an exploratory visit to Brisbane in 1854, Silvester permanently relocated his family to Brisbane in 1855. The Diggles’ family generously allowed the Harry Gentle Resource Centre to photograph and digitise Diggles’ sketchbook, that dates from his journey to Australia in 1853 and includes sketches from his visit to Brisbane in 1854.


The Harry Gentle Resource Centre would like to thank the Diggles family who kindly allowed the digital reproduction of Silvester Diggles’ original sketch book.