Harry Gentle Resource Centre

dedicated to the study of the peoples and lands of Australia, initially focusing on the area that became Queensland in 1859.

The Centre aims to facilitate access to published and unpublished information for the period up to the 1850s, which represents an era of intercultural encounters. It seeks to document particularly the lives and experiences of those persons, groups and organisations that have not been the subject of historical investigation by collating an inventory of the diversity and claims on country that made up the early colonial period. This includes Indigenous diplomats and resisters, interpreters and guides, convicts and free-born, shipwrecks and settlers, religious and military – the whole range of contributors to a new era.

Recent Projects

Early Colonial Legacies in Queensland’s Journey for Women’s Rights

Dr Deborah Jordan, Visiting Fellow, Harry Gentle Resource Centre, 2022-2023

The Artemisia: First Government Assisted Free Immigrants to Moreton Bay

Dr Dorothy Wickham, Harry Gentle Resource Centre Visiting Fellow, 2022-23

Origin Threads – Queensland’s Woollen Textile Industry

Dr Janis Hanley, Harry Gentle Centre Visiting Fellow 2021-2022

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Harry Gentle Fellowships

We offer generous programs for innovative scholars in any discipline relevant to digital history, to aid the research of our centre.

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Leontine Cooper

May 27, 2024

Thomas Brooks

May 17, 2024

Isaiah William Wenham

May 6, 2024

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Robert Henry (Harry) Gentle

The Harry Gentle Resource Centre was created from a generous bequest of Griffith University alumnus Harry Gentle, who sadly passed away, aged 95, in 2015. His wish was for Griffith University to form a digital resource centre dedicated to the study of the lands and people of early 19th century Australia. We are honoured to fulfil his wishes.

About Harry Gentle

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