Elise Barney

Elise Barney

Last Name


Given Name:


Arrival in Queensland

16 July 1848

Date of Birth

21 October 1810

Place of Birth

Lisbon, Portugal

Date of Death

15 July 1883


Toowong Cemetery, Brisbane, Queensland

Place of residence in Queensland

Kogan Creek Station, Darling Downs; Gipps Street, Fortitude Valley


John Edward Barney

Place Married

New Ross, Ireland


Edward Whiston; one daughter


Elise Barney (nee Rivers) was born in Lisbon, Portugal in 1815 and died on 5 July 1883 in Fortitude Valley, Queensland, Australia. Elise was appointed as the first full-time female postmistress at Brisbane (1855-1863), following the death of her husband Leiut. John Edward Barney. John and Elise Barney arrived in Queensland in 1848.

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Online Resources

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Papers and pamphlets

A Marriage of Convenience: Women and the Post Office in New South Wales, 1838 to 1938. A Thesis Submitted for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy

Ross Warwick McLachlan
University of New South Wales