Rose McLoghlin

Rose McLoghlin

Last Name


Given Name:

Rose (Rosanna, Rosetta)

Alternative Name:

McLoughlin, McLaughlan, Macglocland [sic], Kennedy, McBay

Arrival in Queensland

20 June 1836

Date of Birth


Place of Birth

County Donegal, Ireland

Date of Death

7 October 1837


Moreton Bay, Qld

Place of residence in Queensland

Moreton Bay Penal Settlement


John Kennedy

Date of Marriage

17 January 1817

Place Married

Parramatta, NSW


Rose McLoghlin, also known as Rosanna and Rosetta, was born in County Donegal, Ireland in about 1790. In August 1813, aged about 20, she was convicted in Tyrone, Ireland and transported to New South Wales on the Francis and Eliza (1815) for seven years. Her offence was described as 'Stealing Plate and Table Cloth'. In 1817 she married John Kennedy per Friendship at St John's, Parramatta. He was aged 45, she was 27. Just over 20 years after arriving in the colony, Rose Kennedy (nee McLoghlin) was convicted of bushranging (cattle stealing) and sentenced to 14 years at the Moreton Bay Penal Settlement. She died on 7 October 1837, just over a year after arriving at Moreton Bay. She was buried at the penal station.

The details of Rose's colonial trial in New South Wales on 2 May 1836 are mainly unknown as there were no newspaper reports reporting the circumstances of the offence. However, the Penrith court calendar described her offence as 'Cattle Stealing' while the Chronological Register of Convicts at Moreton Bay recorded it as 'bushranging'. Following her initial arrest in January 1836, Rose was admitted to the North Parramatta Gaol under her married name of Kennedy. The gaol register recorded that she had been admitted from Penrith for the purpose of being tried in Sydney. Rose was then forwarded to the Sydney Gaol where the register noted that she was sent on to Moreton Bay on the brig Dart on 8 June 1836.

Jennifer Harrison's research reveals that Rose died at Moreton Bay on 7 October 1837 aged 44. She was known to have had fits and suffered from asthma for some time. A postmortem by Dr Robertson showed that Rose had inflamed pleura and blood in her lungs.

Rose's husband, John Kennedy, was a political prisoner transported to New South Wales as a convict on the Friendship (1800). Tried in Kildare, Ireland in August 1798, he was sentenced to transportation for life but was pardoned between 31 July 1808 and 8 January 1809 for 'His good conduct'. Kennedy died prior to 10 December 1823 when 'Rose, wife of the late John Kennedy' was named in the memorial of William Burgin regarding a dispute over the purchase of land at Parramatta.

Researcher and author: Jan Richardson, Harry Gentle Resource Centre.
Date of publication: 22 April 2022.

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Note: Item Representation ID DR23423 is a digital copy of the Alphabetical Listing by Surname of Convicts' Personal Details. Rose Kennedy is not listed in the main Chronological Register of Convicts at Moreton Bay, only in the alphabetical index.


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