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We invite you to submit your own ancestral biographies pertaining to Queensland prior to 1859. Our aim is to document the lives and experiences of people who have not been the subject of historical investigation in order to collate an inventory of the diversity of people and claims on country in the early colonial period. Please complete this form with as much information as possible. Once we have received your biography one of our researchers will check and archive the details. Your submission of this form is taken as consent to publish the information on our website.


How to submit a biography:


Use the online form below or download and complete the Biography Template Word document and email it to [email protected]


When completing the form below please do not copy and paste direct from Microsoft Word as this may cause errors in the form submission. We recommend to copy and paste from Notepad or Simple text.


Always keep a copy of your submission information.


If you have any problems with your submission please send us the material directly to¬†[email protected]