Jackey Jackey (1833 – 1854), an Indigenous guide, was a member of the Wonnarua tribe and lived near Muswellbrook in New South Wales. He accompanied the explorer Edmund Kennedy on an expedition in 1848 to Cape York Peninsula. Members of the party were left along the way as they became weak and ill. Jackey Jackey and Kennedy were attacked by Aborigines when close to Cape York and Kennedy was killed. After burying him, Jackey Jackey escaped, taking two weeks to reach the waiting supply ship on 23 December 1848.

In May 1849 he guided an expedition in search of survivors from Kennedy’s party but was unsuccessful. On his return, he was rewarded with an engraved breastplate and a £50 gratuity. Jackey Jackey returned to New South Wales in 1850 and died in 1854 near Albury, NSW. The Australian Dictionary of Biography notes that one ‘authentic portrait’ of Jackey Jackey survives: an 1849 lithograph by Charles Rodius.

The text of the silver breastplate presented to Jackey Jackey reads:

Presented by His Excellency Sir Charles Augustus FitzRoy K.D. Governor of New South Wales, to Jackey Jackey, an Aboriginal native of that colony. In testimony of the fidelity with which he followed the late Assistant Surveyor E.B.C. Kennedy, throughout the exploration of York Peninsula in the year 1848; the noble daring with which he supported that lamented gentleman, when mortally wounded by the Natives of Escape River, the courage with which after having affectionately tended the last moments of his Master, he made his way through hostile Tribes and an unknown Country, to Cape York; and finally the unexampled sagacity with which he conducted the succour that there awaited the Expedition to the rescue of the other survivors of it, who had been left at Shelbourne Bay.

Places in Queensland named after Jackey Jackey include Jackey Jackey Creek, Jackey Jackey Airfield and Jacky Jacky [sic] Range.


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