Drawing the Downs: Thomas Domville Taylor
Timothy Roberts, HGRC Visiting Fellow, 2019 to 2021

About the project

Drawing the Downs: The life and art of Thomas John Domville Taylor

English-born Thomas John Domville Taylor arrived on the Darling Downs by 1842, making him one of the earliest European settlers in the region. While living and working on his property Tummaville, Taylor kept a visual record of the world around him in the form of pencil sketches. Today, these sketches provide some of the earliest insights into life on the Downs. This presentation, delivered to members of The Royal Historical Society of Queensland on 9 December 2020, biographs Taylor’s life with particular attention to the years he spent on the Darling Downs c.1842-46, especially Taylor’s life on Tummaville station, racial tensions and conflict’s during Taylor’s residence in the region, and Taylor’s participation in the 1845 expedition led by Christopher Pemberton Hodgson in search of explorer Ludwig Leichhardt

About the author

Timothy Roberts is a professional art historian specialising in Australian art heritage, decorative arts and material culture before 1945. He is a member and past President of Professional Historians Association (Qld) Inc., and a former Councillor of The Royal Historical Society of Queensland. In 2019 he was appointed a Visiting Fellow of the Harry Gentle Resource Centre, Griffith University, to research artistic impressions made in or inspired by the geographical region that would become Queensland in 1859.

During his time as a Visiting Fellow at the Harry Gentle Resource Centre, Tim has given talks at the Queensland State Archives and the Royal Historical Society of Queensland. His biography on Thomas John Domville Taylor can be accessed here.