Peopling Early Queensland: the Archive of Brisbane’s Zion Hill Missionaries, 1838-1848
Dr Annemarie McLaren, Harry Gentle Visiting Fellow 2018


The early, separate and distinct missionary presence at Zion Hill between 1838 and 1848 was a key part of the transforming social and cultural landscape of early Brisbane, remembering that the penal colony was only established in 1824. Their records form an immensely precious early and detailed resource, shedding light on missionary-Indigenous relations and religious history, as well as historical developments around Brisbane, and Aboriginal lives and communities separate from the colonial world.

I have drawn attention to some of the possible uses for these sources and drawn out some of the rich stories and engagements they reveal. However, continued transcription, analysis, and ‘workshopping of the archive’ will allow a wealth of new information and further possibilities to emerge.