Topics suitable for undergraduate students as Honours or 3060LHS Advanced Project, or internships.

Before proceeding you must discuss your proposal with a potential supervisor and someone in the HGRC, who will be able to make introductions to relevant institutions for you.

Interactive map of land-taking

Use the register of land sales to 1859 held by HGRC supplemented by leasehold registers (QSA) to produce a time-dynamic map of land taken up in Qld. to 1859

Land-taking policies

Revisit land policies to 1859, trace the ethnic composition of land-takers (Honours topic)

Indigenous resisters and collaborators

Produce a prosopography of Indigenous collaborators/resisters in the period up to 1859. Consult records of Zion Hill Mission and Bethesda Mission, Yugambeh Museum, Stradbroke Island Passionist Mission, Petrie diaries, Eliza Fraser rescue, Logan diaries.

The legacy of Eliza Fraser

Consult John Sinclair’s recent history of Fraser Island, and use publications by Kay Schaeffer and Larissa Behrendt to retrace the Eliza Fraser story and its legacies. Explain how this incident shaped views of Indigenous society in SEQ, led to the invitation of missionaries, and affected policy. (Honours topic)


Consult the Queensland Family History Society, the HGRC frontier conflict maps, and other sources to re-examine the circumstances that led to the disastrous arrival of the J.D. Lang migrants in Moreton Bay, and consequences for indigenous people.

Ipswich or Logan area

Use the resources of the Logan City Council Heritage section or the Ipswich Historical Society to write biographies of settlers in the HGRC biography template. (Suitable for Advanced Studies or internship).

State-planned agriculture

Use the resources of the Ipswich Historical Society to explore the expert agricultural advice given to early settlers.

German settlers

Consult resources in the SLQ, Ipswich Historical Society, Nundah Historical Society and elsewhere to write biographies in the HGRC biography template.


Use the HGRC biography template to produce biographies from materials held in the HGRC, or write an ancestor biography from materials held by your family.