The Queensland Native Mounted Police operated between 1849 and 1904. It was organised along paramilitary lines, consisting of detachments of Aboriginal troopers led by white officers. It operated across the whole of Queensland and was explicitly constituted to protect the lives, livelihoods and property of settlers and to prevent (and punish) any Aboriginal aggression or resistance. This was often accomplished through extreme violence in many forms. A four year long project to explore the archaeology of the Native Mounted Police resulted in this database. It is the only publicly available historical and archaeological dataset of their lives and activities. The excavations conducted for this project were the first archaeological investigations of any Native Police force operating anywhere in Australia. This joint project was conducted by researchers from Flinders University, the University of Southern Queensland, the University of Notre Dame Australia, the University of New England and James Cook University. (Burke, H. and L.A. Wallis 2019 Frontier Conflict and the Native Mounted Police in Queensland Database. doi: 10.25957/5d9fb541294d5). Access the database here.